You've got questions - here are our answers!

Who/What is Orzhaus?

We are a new brand from Portugal of Boots made in Portugal (the world's leading exporter of quality and premium shoes). Our philosophy is to bring you the Boots you already want, with a slight twist that makes them unique, all while keeping the quality standards very, very high

How are the Boots and Sneakers made?

We, at Orzhaus, design our own Boots and Sneakers. Thus, all the designs are the result of numerous iterations with different shapes, materials and details. Then, we locally (in Guimarães, north of Portugal) source our Boots and Sneakers to a nearby factory with decades of experience making high-end shoes and boots.

How do they fit?

All our Boots and Sneakers fit true to size.
We only sell whole numbers so, in doubt, we always recommend ordering a number above (p.e.: if you normally wear a US10.5, please order a US11). For more info, please view our Sizing Chart here

How's the leather on the Chukkas? And the suede on the Chelseas?

On the Chukkas: the leather is Eurotexas real leather, made in Portugal. It is very smooth and ages great, developing a slightly darker patina.
On the Chelseas: it is suede is made out of real leather and it feels great on the touch.
We recommend taking proper care of your Boots (with the appropriate products for leather and suede) for extra longevity.

Payment processors? How can I pay?

We accept your Credit and Debit card, through an integration with Stripe (an extremely safe third-party payment processor). We also accept PayPal - which you can use with or without a PayPal account!
If you need an alternative payment method, send us a message!

I live in this country? Can you ship it here?

Yes, definitely! If you live in a country serviced by our carrier (we are not aware of any country outside of it's reach), then we can and will ship your boots to you.

How long do I have to wait to receive my product ? Is there a tracking code?

The time needed for you to receive your product is determined by the country in which you live. But expect it to be fairly fast! You can view the timings for each country in our Shipping page here.

Can I return / exchange my product?

Yeah, sure! Please take a look into our Terms for a complete rundown of what our Policy is here.