It all started with a true passion for good shoes and... in a bachelor party in Ibiza!
It was on that bachelor party that I've met a friend of the groom that happens to have a shoe's factory!
We were hanging out and chating when I confessed him that I would love to have a shoe's brand. And he
asked me if I would like to make a sample to see how it goes, I didn't hesitate and imediatly told him I
would love to!
So when we came back we started working, making the designs, the samples. First we started with a
boots line and now we're lauching a sneakers collection.
Soon we'll start a clothes line as well. 


Orzhaus is a Portuguese luxury streetwear shoe's brand founded in 2016.
Our products are handcrafted in experienced factories in Portugal.
Our materials are only high quality.
Our design is updated and is aimed to a public with taste for urban and streetwear fashion.
We prime for simplicity giving a special atention to finishing details.

We are for the Ones!
The Ones that are trendy but only follow themselves!
The Ones that demand quality!
The Ones that embrace the urban landscape but also the gifts of mother Earth.
The Ones that love traditional shoemaking but want something fresh!
The Ones that hustle for success but never stop enjoying life!
We are (for) The Ones!